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Our History

1985 - May

In 1985 Ron Hurley, having experience from his earlier days as the vice-president of a local MRO electronics business, recognized the need for regional distribution for the rapidly expanding data-com industry in the Hampton Roads, Virginia market. With a small family loan and a lot of determination, Ron and Norfolk Wire & Electronics were open for business.

1987 - May

Norfolk Wire & Electronics expands its Virginia Beach, Virginia operation and moves into a new 10,000 sq. ft. facility. Serving Southeastern Virginia, the Virginia Beach Branch began to provide a full-range of voice and data networks, fiber optic products and connectivity.

1989 - May

Norfolk Wire & Electronics adds to its distribution base by opening a 6,500 sq. ft. facility in Richmond, Virginia. Serving the Greater Richmond, Fredericksburg, Williamsburg and Roanoke markets, the Richmond Branch began to provide a broad range of voice and data networks, fiber optic products and connectivity.

1992 - November

Virginia Beach Branch expands operations for the second time moving into a new 12,500 sq. ft. facility.

1995 - March

Richmond, Virginia again expands and purchases new 17,500 sq. ft. showroom and warehouse facility. Total amount of warehouse and retail space increased to 30,000 sq. ft.

1996 - June

Norfolk Wire & Electronics is purchased by Anicom, Inc.

2001 - September

Ron Hurley and Ted Watson, Founder of Carolina Cable, assembled a group of employee investors and re-acquired Norfolk Wire & Electronics' assets from Anicom, Inc.

2001 - November

Carolina Cable and Connector, Inc., a Raleigh based area cable and network equipment distributor, servicing the Raleigh, NC and Greenville, SC markets, merged with Norfolk Wire & Electronics establishing the company as a regional distributor with locations in Virginia, North and South Carolina.

2003 - December

Norfolk Wire & Electronics opened its fifth location in Raleigh, North Carolina. Positioned in the heart of the state, it services the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill markets which make up the three primary cities of the Research Triangle metropolitan region.

2005 - August

Norfolk Wire & Electronics purchased its sixth operation, Cain Electronics located in Norfolk, Virginia. This MRO electronics business significantly broadened the Norfolk Wire's product offerings and expanded its customer base providing customers with a vast array of industrial electronic products to Southeastern Virginia.

2006 - April

Norfolk Wire & Electronics opened its seventh operation in Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston provides a wide range of data-com, sound, security, and pro-AV solutions, along with a vast knowledge of outside plant applications. This location serves the southern part of the state in addition to customers in Georgia and Florida with heavy emphasis in the Federal and South Carolina State Government.

2007 - June

Norfolk Wire & Electronics opened its eighth operation in Roanoke, Virginia. A 4,800 sq. ft. facility, Roanoke serves the western part of the state, the northern valley, and West Virginia. Offering a vast array of voice and data networks; fiber optic products; home automation and security products; audio/video equipment; along with tools suited to handle any need in the field.

2007 - October

Norfolk Wire & Electronics acquired its' ninth operation with the purchase of Electronic Distributing, Inc. Located in downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Winston-Salem offers solutions ranging from electronic components batteries, surge suppressors, labels and labeling systems, tools, and supplies; along with voice and data networks; fiber optic products; home automation to security products.

2008 - April

Norfolk Wire & Electronics acquired Priest Electronics based in nearby Chesapeake, VA and merged them with the Cain operation in Norfolk, VA establishing a new organization effectively known as PriestCain Electronics.

2009 - April

Norfolk Wire, Roanoke Branch expands into a new facility with a 7,200 sq. ft. showroom and warehouse, roughly four times as large as the original and a location that's more easily accessible to better serve local customers.

2011 - October

Norfolk Wire & Electronics acquires Central Penn Wire & Cable, LLC. located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Now our tenth Branch location, Central Penn serves customers in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania.

2012 - April

Norfolk Wire & Electronics, Raleigh expands operations into new 4,900 sq. ft. facility.

2012 - May

Norfolk Wire & Electronics opens our eleventh location, a 6,700 sq. ft. facility in Charlotte, North Carolina.

2013 - October

Norfolk Wire & Electronics enters the Savannah, Georgia market. This 2,500 sq. ft. facility makes our twelfth full service Branch location.

2021 - April

Norfolk Wire & Electronics is acquired by Resideo Technologies, Inc. and joins its ADI Global Distribution business. The adventure begins!